Bike Chain Cleaning Kit(150ml)


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Get a combo of 150ml Motor Headz Bike Chain Cleaning Kit!

Chain lube is an important part of keeping your motorcycle in good condition. It helps to remove encrusted deposits and provides lubrication to the chain, reducing stress on the engine.

The chain cleaner makes the task of cleaning your chain easy, flushing out all impurities and dirt accumulations. Regular use will help to keep your motorcycle running smoothly. using the chain clean also increases the lifetime of the chain.

  • bike Chain-cleaning-kit

    Bike Chain Cleaning Kit(150ml)


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      bike Chain-cleaning-kit

      Bike Chain Cleaning Kit(150ml)


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      LUBRICATE YOUR CHAIN QUICKLY AND EASILY – This fast-acting cleaner makes lubricating your chain a breeze. Apply to the chain and wipe off with a cloth for long-lasting protection.

      KEEP YOUR BIKE IN TOP CONDITION – A clean bike is a happy bike! This easy-to-use chain cleaner quickly and easily removes dust, oil, grease and dirt deposits, leaving your bike running smoothly.

      REDUCE WEAR ON YOUR GEAR CHAIN – Regular use of this chain cleaner will help reduce wear on your gear chain, keeping your bike in top condition.

      HIGH THERMAL RESISTANCE – The high thermal resistance and stability ensure that they can be used regularly without damaging your equipment.

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